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Let us never know what old age is, let us know the happiness time brings, and not count the years. Trevor Jones came up with the inspiring piece of writing. My Long Winding Road which explains his life and his Asian adventures when he settled in Australia after many hurdles! This book is an autobiography of Trevor Jones; himself who was born in the UK to poverty, and then luckily he survived the blitz of the wartime bombing. He worked from seven years of age this made him into a determined and adventurist youth. His ventures include Military active service, then the perils of rescuing ships in violent storms, to building his luxury home, he then ventured into farming that changed is life. He remarried had twins then finally immigrated. His main goal is to portray the message for youth who are looking for motivation. This autobiography has broken down the walls of complexity and created simple success recipes for you to quickly implement in your life to reach the level of wealth and abundance you desire. Get your hands on this book today and learn to live the life you so desire!.

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I love the style of presentation of this first book as it exactly tells the reader who he is and how he operates in life. I know all will enjoy the life story of this remarkable man I found the book captivating and unique.

Tim Boase Reader